Bridgend Paper Mill – Consultation on expansion of operations

WEPA UK Ltd is considering the possibility to expand its existing operations at the Bridgend Paper Mill in Llangynwyd and will shortly be submitting a planning application to Bridgend County Borough Council to reflect such proposals.

The proposals for the site would include:

• A second tissue paper machine and additional converting capacity in new building extensions
• Storage facilities for the existing raw materials required to make paper
• A relocation and enlargement of the existing area for stock preparation
• The relocation of the existing sludge press (part of the manufacturing process)
• An extension to expand the converting operation (part of the manufacturing or finishing process)
• Enlargement of existing storage and shipping facilities
• A new 42m tall automated warehouse to store finished goods
• Shipping area for finished products
• A relocation of the existing gate house plus an additional second site entrance/exit to control and monitor vehicles arriving/leaving the site and to improve overall traffic safety


WEPA UK Ltd will be holding two information events where members of the local community will be able to view the proposals of the site. Members of the project team will be on hand to answer any questions that residents have regarding the proposals.

Please come along to our information events to find out more about the proposals.

On: Monday 18th November

At: Coytrahen Community Centre, Bridgend Road, Bridgend, CF32 0EB
Between: 4-7pm


On: Wednesday 20th November

At: Bettws Life Centre, Bettws Road, Bettws, Bridgend, CF32 8TB
Between: 4-7pm

In line with the requirements of the Planning (Wales) Act 2015, WEPA triggered the statutory 28-day pre-application consultation period on Tuesday 5th November 2019 and the draft application documents for the proposals are available to view below.

If you have any questions about the proposals for the Bridgend Paper Mill or wish to make a comment on our plans please contact the project team via one of the following methods:

– Write to us at Freepost, Meeting Place Communications (no stamp required)
– Call us on 0800 148 8911
– Email us on

Basic design drawings – PAC

Site development plan

A+B Pulp Storage Bale H Ground views

A+B Pulp Storage Bale H Cross Sections

A+B Pulp Storage Bale H Elevations

C PM ‘Neptune’ Basement Cross Sections

C PM ‘Neptune’ Ground Views

C PM ‘Neptune’ Elevations

D Converting Ground Views

D Converting Cross Sections

D Converting Elevations

J JRS Ground Views Cross Sections

J JRS Elevations

E Shipping Area Ground Views Cross Sections

E Shipping Area Elevations

F High Bay Storage Ground Views

F High Bay Storage Cross Sections

F High Bay Storage Elevations

G Gatehouse Ground Views Cross Sections

G Gatehouse Elevations

H High Voltage Switch Ground Views Cross Sections

H High Voltage Switch Elevations

Documents – PAC

Planning Application Form

Ecological Appraisal

3D Visualisations – Sheet 1-7

Delivery Management Plan

Existing Elevations – South West East

Proposed Elevations – South West East

Geotech Remediation Strategy Report Part 1

Geotech Remediation Strategy Report Part 2

Geotech Remediation Site Investigation Report Part 1

Geotech Remediation Site Investigation Report Part 2

Geotech Invasive Plant Eradication Report

Site location plan

Existing site plan

Proposed SUDS Feature

Flood Risk Assesment

Topographical survey

Proposed mitigation and enhancement plan

Landscaping plan inc mitigation and enhancement

Traffic assessment

Tree survey part 1

Tree survey part 2

Tree survey part 3

Tree survey part 4

Tree survey part 5

Tree survey part 6

Coal mining risk assesment p1

Coal mining risk assesment p2

Coal mining risk assesment p3

Coal mining risk assesment p4

Coal mining risk assesment p5

Design and access statement

Planning statement

Landscape statement

Travel plan

Proposed site plan