Together for a better life

Our company slogan summarises what the WEPA Group stands for and strives towards at all times.

Together: our promise is to operate in a fair and ethical manner with all our partners, from our suppliers and customers to our consumers and all our employees.

Better life: this promise extends to our unconditional aim of true sustainability in all company activity.

As a multi-generational family business, we have a long-term objective, borne out of our concern for future generations. Our motive for all our business operations is to focus on sustainability. This aim is expressed through everything we do as a business, working towards a better, cleaner environment and for the conservation and reuse of resources. People are always at the core of our socially and environmentally responsible business activities.

Better life is also a product promise for all products produced by the WEPA Group, including our delivery and service quality for our partners. Meeting everyone’s need for hygiene is at our core, and our purpose is to improve health and wellbeing through product satisfaction.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our business activities, and our promise for the future is to constantly strive to be ‘BETTER than good’.

Mission, vision and values

Observing the WEPA Group’s core values of respect, commitment and sustainability is a permanent aspect of our company culture and is an essential part of our success.

WEPA UK focuses on innovation, quality and service to ensure it consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations. We have the expertise, track record and integrity to deliver on our promises.

WEPA UK’s vision is to be the UK and Ireland’s number one own brand household paper supplier, delighting our customers with superior quality, service, innovation, sustainability and price.