WEPA UK – Europe's leading private label household paper manufacturer

Part of the global family-owned WEPA Group, WEPA UK manufactures high-quality, private label household paper products for the UK and Ireland.

Backed by its global parent brand, WEPA UK is an established leader in the UK and Ireland household paper markets, with major retailers forming part of its enviable, long-term client base. WEPA UK has more than 300 employees across two main sites in the UK – a paper mill and converting facility in Bridgend, and commercial office in Bolton.

As part of a global business, WEPA UK has access to a vast network of partners at 13 production sites across Europe, which share the same ethos of superior quality, innovation, sustainability and price. The company is also the biggest supplier of 100% recycled household paper in the UK. WEPA UK’s vision is to be the UK and Ireland’s number one own-brand household paper manufacturer, delighting our retail customers with unrivalled service.


Toilet rolls manufactured each day


Miles of toilet roll produced each day


Gallons of clean water returned to the river each day


We are the household paper experts. Being family-owned gives us the flexibility to adapt quickly and remain innovative with our product offering. We have a long history of making paper and are led by a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating private label brands.

We focus on product quality and customer service, priding ourselves on leading the way in private label toilet paper and kitchen paper. If you are looking to improve your product or your commercial offering, please do get in touch.

Category Management

Our dedication to purchasing the highest quality, most up-to-date market data sets us apart from our competitors.

We understand the pressures customers are under to stay ahead of the curve, so we share insightful trends and market predictions with customers on a regular basis to promote category growth.

If you are not getting this service from your current supplier, then please get in touch with us.

Market Intelligence

At WEPA UK, we pride ourselves on our market knowledge, scouring the retail shelves and monitoring new products to test against our own.

If it involves household paper, we want to know about it. We continually feed this market intelligence back to our customers, helping them keep abreast of changes in the market.

Technical Understanding

As new products are launched and current products evolve, WEPA UK conducts full online and offline analytical testing. Our team looks at tensile strength, gsm, thickness, brightness, absorbency and softness (using the latest EMTEC measuring equipment).

These insights are then used to make informed recommendations to customers and advise on market trends and opportunities.

Global Business

As part of a global business, WEPA UK has access to a vast network of partners at 13 production sites across Europe who share the same ethos of innovation, high quality and sustainability.




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